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Curious Child is among the best Preschools in Omaha NE currently

Planting seeds for lifelong learners.

We’re a Montessori-inspired preschool for Southwest Omaha and Gretna families who value a natural learning environment that will help nurture your child’s blooming personality and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

Experiential Learning

Our mission is to educate your whole child – tending to their social, emotional and academic needs.

Sparking a child’s curiosity, promoting self-discipline and encouraging them to learn through discovery encourages them to respect themselves, their community and their world. Following the Montessori educational philosophy, it’s our belief that children learn best by doing; and that happy, self-motivated learners form positive images of themselves – thereby becoming confident, successful people.

Guiding children to success

When children are free to explore in prepared environments, they establish a sense of purpose, process, completion—and success.

Gretna montessori preschool outside nature play
We also serve as a Millard Preschool for those where it is convenient

Curious Child Preschool

Just Southwest of 168th & Giles
8861 S 168th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68136
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We are NOW OPEN & Enrolling Students!
8861 S 168th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68136
(Just Southwest of 168th & Giles)

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